Professional Team

Ethanol is listed as a dangerous substance. To help customers understand the risks of ethanol, as well as the government’s regulations on it, Delight Ethanol is dedicated to ensure that customers can use ethanol at ease by providing regulation consultant. Regarding to the equipment Delight Ethanol used in services, both our ethanol storage tank and ethanol tanker are conformed to the government’s regulation.  Through them, we provide the safest and most professional service.

Consistant Quality of Ethanol

In order to maintain the credibility of our company, as well as our customers’ company, we always provide the ethanol the customer wants.  We will not tolerate our ethanol manufacturers’ unauthorized change in the quality of ethanol. To ensure this, we only work with the ethanol manufacturers that we trust and we sample ethanol randomly.  We put tons of efforts in ensuring the quality of ethanol.

Customizable Services

Delight Ethanol provides not only ethanol delivery services, but also import declaration services.  In addition, we understand that the specifications and packaging requirements may be varied for each company, we try our best to give our customer the ethanol they need at a reasonable price.

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