About our company

As an importer of un-denatured ethanol in Taiwan and an agent for Taiwan Sugar corporation, Delight Ethanol Co. mainly supplies ethanol for food, medicine, biochemistry, military and general industrial markets ( alcohol). We are committed to studying governments’ regulations, ensuring the quality of ethanol, providing customizable services and diversifying our sources of ethanol.  Therefore, we give customers the most competitive and the best ethanol.

In addition to the production of wine beverages, ethanol is used in various industries, including but are not limited to: food industries, spices industries, pharmaceuticals, medicines, biotechnology, fuel field and those make disinfection and cleaning supplies. The demand for ethanol is growing; Delight Ethanol will have considerable market expansion in the future. However, we will always keep the principle of integrity, the concept of sustainable development, and our promises to our customers that we will always provide the most sincere, and professional services by meeting their specifications, as well as supplying high-quality and low-cost products. Our goal is to make customer satisfied; to ensure that, we will continue improving our ethanol quality, our services, and other aspects.

Management Philosophy

“Being true, safe, professional, and productive” is our management philosophy.

Being true means:  providing sincere services and best quality- products.

Being safe means: having safe facility and conforming to the regulations regarding to the storage.

Being professional means: having professional team and specializing in selling ethanol.

Being productive means: responding immediately and providing the services quickly.

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