Our Services

  • 1. The safest storage sites:

    Our storage tank and transmission lines are made from 304 stainless stainless and conformed to the fire safety regulation and regulations for dangerous substances.  We provide our customers the safest and most professional storage site.

  • 2. The fastest delivery services:

    We spend huge sums of money to purchase exclusive alcohol tanker and request our drivers to obtain licenses to transport dangerous substances.  In these ways, we ensure the product is delivered to our customers safely and quickly.

  • 3. The most consistent alcohol quality:

    We value the quality of our ethanol, so we regularly sample our ethanol and only with suppliers that we trust.

  • 4. The best price:

    We provide customers the ethanol they want at a reasonable price.

  • 5. The customizable service:

    We give advice on alcohol-related regulations and provide services such as ethanol delivery services, imported ethanol declaration services, and others so that customers can enjoy the purchase with us.   Furthermore, we understand that the specifications and packaging requirements may be varied for each company, so we try our best to meet our customers’ need.

Flowchart of our services

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